About Us

Honesty, Integrity, and Quality Workmanship

Schwartz Excavating, Inc. is a family owned business that provides over 80 years of combined experience. We are currently in our second generation of leadership. While continuously making strides to grow and improve in all capacities, we have also kept a personal touch with business relationships. We are comprised of key individuals that produce outstanding workmanship with a commitment to complete a job to the highest of standards. We are particularly skilled at providing general contracting, site work, commercial, and residential services.

Schwartz Excavating, throughout the years, has demonstrated the ability to problem solve and achieve solutions. We strive to complete jobs within the time allotted and meet demanding deadlines by using effective time management and scheduling skills. We exhibit excellent communications skills with all individuals involved in the process. We make every effort to maintain high quality working relationships with experienced subcontractors while fostering new ones. We exhibit strong team leadership and work in a collaborative workplace. Schwartz Excavating utilizes the ability to use the strengths of all team members which leads to effective and balanced solutions that provide the highest value to our stakeholders and our projects.  

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